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Jake Corman,
Pennsylvania's Most Crooked Politician

About Jake Corman


Jake's Background

Jake Corman is the poster child for nepotism in Pennsylvania. He is Daddy's Little Boy. He "inherited" his state senate seat from his dad, but otherwise has never held a real job. Literally every "job" Jake has had is within a political party - not real jobs, but real cushy. Jake uses his official senate position to enrich himself, and voted to increase his own pay in the middle of the night when he thought no one was looking. Jake is from Central Pennsylvania, but shares none of the hard work ethic and culture of the citizens there. His constituents would be disgusted to know who he really is.


Jake's Problems

Jake cares about Jake. That is why he is known on Capitol Hill as "Jake the Snake," he is that unreliable, backstabbing, and evil. He is a petulant child who pouts and sulks in a corner when he doesn't get his way, and he is actively engaged in stopping conservative grass roots citizens from retaking their government from career politicians like Jake. Jake sued the NCAA to get control of the discovery procedure in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, so he could hide his own name and role in the scandal. As a result, Jake settled with the NCAA and screwed over Penn State, not even holding out for getting the football wins back on record before discovery could begin. Why is Jake hiding his relationship with Jerry Sandusky and his kiddie foundation?


Replace Jake in the Senate

It is time for a strong conservative to challenge Jake Corman in the primary, and rid Pennsylvania of this cheese-eating rat RINO.


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